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You are sensitive and love taking care of others. Family members and friends love to be around you. You just have to make sure you get something in return now and then as well. People often take you for granted. Your home is utterly important to you. You get nostalgic feelings when you think about the past and your youth. You want to shape your past to return to it but your most important lesson in life is to bravely face the future. You avoid confrontations and keep a distance, especially if you’ve been disappointed and hurt before. You could seem to be a bit shy but once you are relaxed you have a lot of interesting conversations. You just need some time and encouragement. Relationships are extremely important to you. There is nothing wrong with that but don’t smother your partner. You are empathic and intuitive. You often have mood swings. There is nothing you can do about it. Just go with the flow. The harder you fight them, the harder your emotions will speak up. Doing something creative might be helpful. You are an emotional eater so be careful with your body.

Characteristics: nurturing, sensitive, fertile, emotional, looking for security, moody



Symbol: The Crab

Element: Water

Group: Emotional

Polarity: Negative

Planet: Moon

House Ruled: Fourth

Colour: White, silver

Lucky Gem: Pearls

Cross Quality: Cardinal

Cardial Trait: Dynamic

Opposite Sign: Capricorn

Chinese Analog: Goat

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