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You play to win and you always keep your promises. You don’t believe in wasting time. Others might find you pragmatic but you just don’t want to deal with unimportant matters. You get rid of everything that isn’t essential. You keep your eyes on the future and get annoyed by people who chose the easy solutions. Relying on others can be very disappointing for you because almost nobody lives up to your extreme standards. Only people, places and things that are steady are worth your precious time and energy. It’s all about foundations to you. You wait to get the best of the best. You aim this high in love as well. You patiently await the one. It has to be someone who values traditions and has old-fashioned manners. A solid future is what matters to you. Bad reputations are a real turn off. You don’t feel the need to change or save your partner. Less is more and quality is more important than quantity to you.

Characteristics: hard working, pragmatic, ambitious, refined, responsible, traditional



Symbol: The Goat

Element: Earth

Group: Theoretical

Polarity: Negative

Planet: Saturn

House Ruled: Tenth

Colour: Brown

Lucky Gem: Onyx

Cross Quality: Cardinal

Cardial Trait: Dynamic

Opposite Sign: Cancer

Chinese Analog: Ox

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