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You are flexible and always on the move. You do a hundred things at the same time and you can’t switch of your mind. You often have the feeling you are moving in different directions at once. You are on the road a lot: from person to person or from idea to idea. You find it hard to focus and you are easily bored. People sometimes see you as shallow. You like to gossip. Be careful with that because that could get you into troubles. You have a talent for communicating. You could be a great writer or have your own TV-show.  Keeping people in the loop of what is going on is your kind of thing. You are the biggest flirt amongst the signs of the zodiac. Practice makes perfect. Your biggest challenge is commitment. You really want to find your soul mate but you have so many people to choose from. If you get bored in love unfaithfulness is lurking around the corner. Make sure you have a match who keeps things exciting. Your brain works very fast and you are very smart. You will have to learn how to focus and to finish what you start. Taking deep breaths is very important to you.

Characteristics: fast, flexible, smart, communicative, intellectual, dualistic



Symbol: The Twins

Element: Air

Group: Emotional

Polarity: Positive

Planet: Mercury

House Ruled: Third

Colour: Green

Lucky Gem: Agate

Cross Quality: Mutable

Cardial Trait: Adaptable

Opposite Sign: Saggitarius

Chinese Analog: Horse

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