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You have such a warm personality, Leo. You are completely irresistible. You are charming, have a sparkling personality and love being creative. Your ego needs attention so you surround yourself with people who remind you how great you are. You have the tendency to give and give and continue giving and then you are disappointed when other people aren’t as generous as you. You are very loyal in love. You just go for the one. Only a true soul mate is good enough for you. What makes you special is that you’ve never truly grown up. Make sure you do something with this in your free time and your work. If you have a boring job you won’t be very ambitious. A good idea is to work to pay the bills and to use the evenings and weekends to do something that really matters to you and that you love doing. You could, of course, look for a more challenging and creative job as well though.

Characteristics: generous, childish, creative, dramatic, full of life



Symbol: The Lion

Element: Fire

Group: Intellectual

Polarity: Positive

Planet: Sun

House Ruled: Fifth

Colour: Gold, orange

Lucky Gem: Ruby

Cross Quality: Fixed

Cardial Trait: Persevering

Opposite Sign: Aquarius

Chinese Analog: Monkey

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