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Harmony, beauty and tact are your weapons for your mission to bring peace on earth. You might seem sweet and light but deep down within you are a true soldier who takes action whenever someone is being mistreated. You love wealth and you can change almost every simple thing in something truly beautiful. You are always looking for the right balance. Due to your diplomatic nature you can survive the most awkward situations. You are famous for your indecisiveness. You will need to learn to make decisions and to really go for something. Your brains usually consider all possible possibilities first and then you reach a decision. In love you just want to please your partner. You like being together with someone but you should learn not to become too dependent. Don’t forget about your own plans and needs. The best way to be happy and successful is to find someone who compliments you in love.

Characteristics: diplomatic, modest, social, balanced, honest, peaceful



Symbol: The Scales

Element: Air

Group: Intellectual

Polarity: Positive

Planet: Venus

House Ruled: Seventh

Colour: Blue

Lucky Gem: Sapphire

Cross Quality: Cardinal

Cardial Trait: Dynamic

Opposite Sign: Aries

Chinese Analog: Dog

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