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You are famous for your ability to forgive and your endless compassion. Due to your dreamy and sensitive nature you can turn daily life into poetry. Your world exists of symbols. You discover traces of wisdom and spirituality in every little thing. You try to soften the pain of those who are suffering. People see you as their saviour. You are a mix of all the other signs and this makes you a chameleon. You easily adjust yourself to any situations. This could feel as an identity crisis from time to time. Be careful whom you surround yourself with because you easily transfer the energy of others onto yourself. You are more romantic than anyone. Your partner can’t do anything wrong. You easily ignore the most annoying habits or treats. You live a fantasy. You just see what you want to see and that makes your partners a lot more fun and attractive than they really are. You sometimes chose to be subtle and at other times to be dramatic. You always leave an intriguing impression on whomever you meet.

Characteristics: mesmerizing, clairvoyant, dreamy, complicated, empathic



Symbol: The Fish

Element: Water

Group: Theoretical

Polarity: Negative

Planet: Neptune, Jupiter

House Ruled: Twelth

Colour: Sea-Green

Lucky Gem: Moonstone

Cross Quality: Mutable

Cardial Trait: Adaptable

Opposite Sign: Virgo

Chinese Analog: Rabbit

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