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You are the most optimistic amongst the signs, Sagittarius. You always bring a positive note wherever you go. You look at life from the bright side and you do it well. Of course you experience some bumps in the roads as well but everything always works out in the end. Your life is a philosophical journey full of adventures and parties. You love broadening your horizon. You prefer to experience things instead of reading about it. Little people know so much of so many subjects. You like crossing your boundaries and you know that there’s always sunshine after the rain. Others tend to forget that but you are there to remind them of the beauty of life. You easily fall in love and you can already see a complete future on a first date. You are generous and open in love and share your feelings with the people around you. Psychological mind games aren’t your thing. No hard-to-get for you. A relationship is high on your priority list but your partner needs to give you your freedom.

Characteristics: funny, open, generous, adventurous, philosophical



Symbol: The Archer

Element: Fire

Group: Theoretical

Polarity: Positive

Planet: Jupiter

House Ruled: Ninth

Colour: Purple

Lucky Gem: Topaz

Cross Quality: Mutable

Cardial Trait: Adaptable

Opposite Sign: Gemini

Chinese Analog: Rat

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