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Fatal attraction. That is what comes to mind when we think about Scorpio. You live a very intense life and want to go deep. Superficial explanations and experiences aren’t sufficient for you. You’re fascinated by the complexity of the existence. You like living on the edge. As soon as things calm down, you create havoc again. It’s kind of strange you have such a hard time accepting new situations and changes. You are constantly transforming. You are always on the move. Strangers immediately tell you their deepest secrets. You flourish during a crisis and you stay strong in difficult times. You get how things work. You are known for your strong desires. Once you have put your mind on something you will do anything to get it. Your challenge is to learn to let things go. You are very loyal and you attach yourself for life to people and things. It’s very hard for you to leave the past in the past. It takes a long time before you fully trust someone. The more mysterious someone is, the more attracted you are to him/her.

Characteristics: possessive, fixated, passionate, seductive, mysterious, intense



Symbol: The Scorpion

Element: Water

Group: Intellectual

Polarity: Negative

Planet: Pluto, Mars

House Ruled: Eighth

Colour: Dark Red, black

Lucky Gem: Opal

Cross Quality: Fixed

Cardial Trait: Persevering

Opposite Sign: Taurus

Chinese Analog: Pig

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