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You take time to enjoy even the little things, Taurus. You are known for your sensuality and peacefulness. You like using all your senses. You can also be very stubborn. You stand your ground no matter what happens. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as it involves positive things. It becomes a problem if you refuse to listen to the people around you because you don’t even want to consider an alternative idea. You like habits and this sometimes holds you back. Force yourself to change and step out of your comfort zone. You love the good life. Possessions are important to you. Only the best is good enough for you because you like to surround yourself with beautiful things. When it comes to love you chose the most creative, sweetest and most attractive types. Avoid boring relationships. You need someone who stimulates you and encourages you to take risks. Creative ways to express yourself are a necessity.

Characteristics: balanced, strong, stubborn, sensual, determined, materialistic, practical.



Symbol: The Bull

Element: Earth

Group: Emotional

Polarity: Negative

Planet: Venus

House Ruled: Second

Colour: Pink

Lucky Gem: Emerald

Cross Quality: Fixed

Cardial Trait: Persevering

Opposite Sign: Scorpio

Chinese Analog: Snake

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