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You want everything to be perfect and that’s why sometimes it takes you a while to get started. You are tough on yourself and you treat your friends, colleagues and family members the same way. That perfectionism isn’t so healthy, Virgo. Find the courage to let go of things or don’t worry when you make a mistake. The world will still be there even when you don’t think about all the smallest details. You often stay up to meet deadlines and you rise early to prepare meetings. Stress could influence your digestive system. Make sure you take moments of rest. Try yoga, meditation or breathing exercises. Eat very healthy and don’t skip meals. You are intelligent and always up for a mental challenge. Word games and discussions make you happy. You are very caring but you sometimes exaggerate when it comes to relationships. People might not expect it from you but you are very inventive between the sheets. You shine from within as long as you can get rid of stress and live healthy.

Characteristics: focused on details, efficient, critical, sensitive, sharp



Symbol: The Virgin

Element: Earth

Group: Intellectual

Polarity: Negative

Planet: Mercury

House Ruled: Sixth

Colour: Green, brown

Lucky Gem: Sardonyx

Cross Quality: Mutable

Cardial Trait: Adaptable

Opposite Sign: Pisces

Chinese Analog: Rooster

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